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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Christening weekend

…and what a head wetting it was! Wow! After I worked tirelessly on saturday, prepping, decorating, tidying, Thandi had a great sleep, woke earkly for a snack and a bit of playtime, and then after a quick nap, it was into her birdie uncles’ and mom’s christening gown, for off to church we went! And how sweet she was! She looked and behaved like an angel. Sogood, and she sat qietly with mom and dad during the service, and then it was time for the head wetting! Our priest is delightfully unconventional and invited our friend’s children p, to help with her baptism, so she had the hands of the good rev, and Zoe, Luke and Jake to welcome her into the family of the church. So precious! She did give a little wail at the silly people messing up her hair, but it was soon all forgotten, and then she was quite happy and smily again! After the service, it was back home for tea. Strawberry cupcakes, strawberries dipped in chocolate, sandwiches, sausage rolls, and the saved top tier of our wedding cake were on offer, and all went down well! And now for some shots of the day…

the table (please note the gorgeous bunting that MJ made!)

smily girl!

in my mom’s christening gown (and my uncle’s, it’s 50 years old, you know!)


  AD wrote @

Congratulations! She looked lovely! xxx

  countesskaz wrote @

well done little Thandi. you’re a real beauty.

  Renee wrote @

She is so cute – congratulations. Not many still use christening dresses.

  MJ wrote @

How lovely. x

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