Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Monday, monday… here, the weekend is done, how tragic is that? I was on call this weekend and Charlie was sick with dreaded man flu, so I must say, not much happened.

Work ticked along, moderately busy, with 3 deliveries and lots of gastro’s and false labours. Some people take serious chances though, when the phone call begins with, ‘I know this isn’t an emergency, but…’ at 17h00 on a saturday afternoon, I want to scream! And when it truly is a frivolous call, I want to scream even more! Oh well, better than 03h00!

Saturday night I made a tasty lamb Rogan Josh for supper, and delicious it was, very tender lamb, good spicing with not too much heat, really good, served with fluffy basmati and roti’s, with a coriander raita and tamarind chutney. We had a glass of pinotage with it (I can’t remember the cellar now, but it was a great compliment to the wine) I had hoped the curry might send Charlie’s germs on their way, alas, he was still snotty on sunday… In between work and caring for Thandi girl, I managed to get some crafting done, 5 christmas pressies are made, and some more will be made this week, so yay for some kinda productivity.

I was given a beautiful car to test drive for the weekend, a Mercedes benz SLK 350, (I drive 2004 SLK 200) it was really special, but sadly, I have to concede not practical… blech to growing up and needing a more mommy friendly car… I’m just delaying any decision making there, I really am battling to bring myself to that point.

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