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Thinking of a friend…

Today I am thinking of a friend who has had a nightmare of an IVF cycle. So many things have gone wrong this cycle, from a different reaction to the meds to an initially negative result, then to a positive result, to a bleed and an assumption it was all over; to now what seems like an ectopic pregnancy. She’s facing a laparoscopy today, and I know her heart is weary today, this nightmare has gone on too long now. There are no easy words today, and all the cliches seem so glib, you know, the ‘Hang in there’, ‘just be strong’, ‘what will be will be’. I so wish for that crystal ball today, so that I could just know that it’ll all be ok in the end.

Just so you know, you’re on my heart today, wish it could be different…

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  Em’s mommy wrote @

reading this my heart just hurts for your friend!

if she is ready this, i send her love and i pray that some how her pain will ease and that in the not so distant future that her dream to be a mommy will come true!

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