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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Whirlwind days

Is it just me, or is time hurtling past? Before I’ve even washed the work outta my hair at the end of the week, it seems like I am back here again! And every day starts with such good intentions of what I will get done, and the evening comes around, and another day passes with very few things ticked off on the to do list. (I suppose I should have listened more closely when my high school maths teacher who used to proclaim, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions!’)

Last week got crazy busy towards the end, and there just was no time at the office to do anything but work, which I suppose is the aim of being at the office, I still fond it frustrating not to be able to blog, catch up with those that I read and breathe. I delivered quite a few babes, all the deliveries went well, but sadly most of them were in the dead of night, leaving me rather shattered.

Anyway, this weekend I did get some things done, I made a cake and did some scrapbooking. From the book, Prickly Pears and Pomegranates, I made Eve’s Lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon icing. The cake was good, (although slightly underdone and I did have to cut the middle out of it) the curd was a cheat, from a nearby farm stall and the icing was divine! On the whole though it tasted rather yummy, I might try it as a cupcake conversion, hollowing them out, and filling with the curd, then icing the top. And, as I mentioned, I finally got to some scrapbooking, I turned to my magazines for some inspiration, and worked on a page with Thandi in her strawberry hat, and another one in her other collection of hats. Too precious, that child of mine.

Socially, we had dinner with Angel and her husband on friday night – she made a delicious chicken curry and a chickpea and lentil curry, which was lovely, served with rice, rotis and sambals, with a good dose of wine (an Oddbins chardonnay/pinot noir blend and a Meerlust Merlot) It was a great evening, catching up, talking nonsense, laughing and sharing with special friends. Saturday, Charlie and I chilled at home, having a Green Prawn Curry (I was in the mood for some more spice!) which was a first try, and very tasty, seved with lemon and ginger basmati rice. And on Sunday, we headed out to lunch at a local club with my staff, having a very tasty carvery.

And now the day must begin, the hoardes await. Hope you have a fabulous monday!

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  countesskaz wrote @

Hmmmmmmm, I feel like a curry now. Lamb with roasted butternut and cumin. Might make one this week.

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