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Fat girl

….and so the time is drawing near, I am starting to look at myself through clear spectacles again, and I have found myself overweight (again, how did this happen?) and finally my brain is starting to realise what my clothes have been trying to tell me, it is time to reinstitute some lifestyle modifications again (I won’t se the D word). The time is drawing near, and then we will be committed and focused, instead of these half hearted attempts of late. Well, actually, who am I kidding, there have been no attempts since August last year! I lost a large amount of weight previously, with a plan from my personal trainer, and a healthy amount of exercise, so I’m going to start on the eating plan, and then look at the exercise. I am currently finding exercise extremely difficult to factor into my day, being back at work full time, means if I stop at gym on my way home, it’s less time with Thandi girl, and I can’t bear the thought of that. Anyway, with the breastfeeding at the moment, I’m not sure the breasts will allow running etc, they’re damn uncomfortable! Last night I gave Charlie and I a small taste of things to come, ostrich steak, with a coffee rub (thanks NOMU) and salad, of course, not being quite there yet on the eating plan, we followed it up with a delicious chocolate liquid centered cupcake – indulgent I know, but they had to be eaten! I am not setting a date to start, but it’s going to be sooin, and you will hear about it as it starts, and I will start filling in my fatness files again, and then you can give me hell again!


  MJ wrote @

Let me know when you are ready to start those slow week-end jogs – will join you. xxx

  em’s mommy wrote @

good on u! though must add that i hardly think u a fat girl

  donzil wrote @

coffee rub any good?

  charliesbird wrote @


  shell wrote @

i know just how you’re feeling. i’m there too! I have started being a bit more aggressive with watching the amounts I eat, and attended my first abs, bums and thighs class last week… i’ve finally recovered, and now need to stick to it! i also find it very hard to fit exercise in when working full time, it’s not lekker. 😦 good luck on your journey, hope it will be an easy one? (well it’s atleast worth some wishful thinking that it’s easy hey! gosh, it’s a cruddy job… but i guess nothign comes easy hey!) if I was there, I’d join u for a class or two! 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

Good luck to you too! It’s damn hard work!

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