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Day 205

…and time for the tuesday that feels like a monday. I’ve got 42 patient booked, I hope it flies like the wind. So I delivered one more baby yesterday, bringing it up to 7 for the weekend on call – I am really looking forward to this coming weekend, I think it’s time for the hairdresser or a facial or something.

And with the weather looking promising, hopefully the painters will get finished today or tomorrow, then we can slowly put our house back together. Then it’ll be the fumigator’s turn, I don’t want any bugs to bother our Tenacious when he arrives, the blind and curtaining people after that, and then home improvements are hopefully done for a while. Then we can concentrate on getting T’s room finalised, and then we wait to sing happy birthday! I keep feeling like I should be doing stuff, like cooking and freezing meals, while I still feel good, but I know it’s still a bit early for that, so I’m sewing instead, just some embroidery that I’m working on for T’s room, a lovely Noah’s Ark picture, and some little bunnies and bears which I will try to incorporate into a quilt or something, so I’m keeping my often idle hands busy. I’ve been reading the baby nazi lady’s book again – really enough to put the fear of god into me! These books with their pronouncements definitely increase my anxiety levels, but then I look at some of my patients, and know if they can do it, and raise kids that don’t appear to be serial killers, then so can I. I hope! Does the confidence just come? Or will I feel this insecure all the time? I’m not sure I can wrap my head around the reality that in a mere 10 weeks, I will be a mama. At least I still have 10 weeks, I suppose.

Day 204

…and the weekend on call drags on… today being a public holiday and all, and I am trying to find fertility drugs for my patient, which of course noone really stocks in our little village – oy…. Anyway, we shall just keep trying.

The weekend has been consistent so far, things keep ticking along, we’ve had 2 babies on friday, the premmie twins on saturday, 2 yesterday, and so far today, we wait… so a running (or shold I say, catching) total of 6!

Our dinner on saturday was good fun, between potatoes, and green food, we maintained our Irish theme. Starter was a tallegio, truffle and potato pizza, which was really nice, mains rack of lamb with a grass green crust of pitachio’s and various herbs (gorgeous and tender, served with dauphinoisse potatoes and pea salad – yum!), and pud a subtle green mint and white chocolate mousse. All very delicious! But I must say, I am loosing my ‘gees’ for entertaining now, by the end of the day, my ankles were swollen, feet were aching and I was shattered, I’d spent most of the day on my feet, between prepping food, setting tables and working, so I think from here on out, until Tenacious has arrived and settled, it’ll be bring and braai’s. Sorry! I spent yesterday recovering, and aside from deliveries, spent all day with my feet up, so I at least feel a whole lot more human today.

Tenacious is growing like a champion, check out my new belly shot!

Day 202

…and I’ve just delivered 24 week old twins – what tiny little scraps they are…. lots of prayers for them….

Previously when I had cases like this, my brain went through all sorts of mental hijinks, but now, knowing how big T is, I’m ok. Small mercies.

Day 201

…79 to go. And Tenacious weighs in at a whopping 1.4kg today – I’m clenching my knees together in painful anticipation.

Its been a crazy couple of days workwise, and its not looking much better for the next few weeks. The painters are still busy, and it’s raining today, so we aren’t rid of them yet. Someone booked patients over my lunchtime – grrr! I’m tired, the hospital is full, and my patients aren’t getting the kind of care I would like. We have patients doctoring our sick notes, staff submitting dodgy sick notes and just too much nonsense going on here! And I’m on call, and it’s a long weekend. I got a case of the grumps, anyone got some worms for me? 

On a lighter note, we’re having a delayed St Paddy’s day celebration tomorrow evening with our neighbours, bound to be fun, Irish influenced food, guiness beer (for the non pregnants) and green pud. Let’s hope the weather improves.

Day 200

…200 days down! I can hardly believe it, can you? 80 to go, more or less… my goodness, what life changes await me, anybody else feel my rising sense of panic? The painters are finishing p at home, so this weekend is project weekend, getting everything sorted out in Tenacious’ room to be, my beautiful chest of drawers arrived yesterday, and the previous day the linen etc, so we really can start to get things sorted out. I am constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity of my patients, and again yesterday received some ‘dribble doekies’ from one of them, so very kind and thoughtful of them.  

Today, I am tired, was at the hospital at ridiculous times last night, after an extremely interupted night the previous one too, so starting to catch up a bit this morning, sleep hasn’t been great of late, and have battled generally… 60 days of work to go…

Day 199

…and here it is, the beautiful body cast, by the very talented Catherine Brennan of The Underberg studio.

Awesome isn’t it? I just love the lacework, check out her website, and look at what else she does,

And now onto today’s poll.

Day 198, cont…

So, Bushman’s Nek, 30 km from Underberg, beautiful surroundings, gorgeous pool, nice accommodation.

This was the view from our log cabin, looking onto the montains of Lesotho.

There were lots of beautiful vista that we saw in the area – I’m always reminded of Alan Paton’s book – Ah, but your land is beautiful when I see things like this…

on the road to Underberg – you can see why they described it as the dragon’s mountain…

Excuse the errant rain drops, but can you see the double rainbow?

as the storm clouds build…

So, what did we get up to? After some shopping and a whole lotta driving around, a bit of poolside relaxing, we conquered the mighty Sani Pass. For those that don’t know it, it is a 4×4 pass that connects SA and Lesotho, and at the top of the pass is the highest pub in Africa, where we stopped to have a hot chocolate.

Aiming for the top, you summit in the saddle there.

There was a lot of water on the way – on the road and in the streams.

Water falling everywhere, there are more pictures of these, but these were the best.

The views from the top

looking down at the pass.

the view from the loo, at Sani Top Chalet.

coming down the pass.

the road down, looking at the switchbacks, awesome 4x4ing!

the abandoned house at the bottom of the pass – love the sense of history…

Then, Charlie went paragliding, I watched from the safe heights of the mountain from which he jumped.

on the training slopes

and from the mountainside! Fly, my Charlie, fly! And he did so well, take offs were a little bumpy, air manoevres excellent and landings were great. Not once did I feel vaguely nervous about him diving off the side of the mountain – what a champion he is! I was vaguely green that I couldn’t fly, but hey, I won’t be pregnant forever!

So aside from meandering the midlands, shopping, Sani passing, flying, we lazed next to the pool and chillaxed. Tenacious did a lot of kicking, and eventually learnt that dirt roads weren’t the enemy, and he didn’t have to kick mom to death whenever we drove on one (although he did brace himself very effectively between my right side and my bladder – cheeky thing!) Charlie got some afternoon napping in, I’m horrified that I couldn’t nap… but anyway, relaxed, sort of refreshed, but not quite ready for the next 83 days of work I am. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of my beautiful body cast.