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Day 214

…and its hot! Summer is starting to wear a little thin now, please can we have some cooler weather! I’m melting. And so many of my in hospital patients feel they must turn their aircons in their rooms off, or put it on warm, that by the time I’ve done my ward round I am vaguely nauseous, and have to sit in my icebox office for a while to halt the melt!

Anyway, no more gripes today, its thursday, the week is almost done, and I will survive it! Tomorrow we’re heading to the other MJ’s 40th birthday, saturday I have a surgical workshop with my favourite FS, and sunday I intend to do little more than put my feet up. My fitness and stamina are poor t the moment, bt I feel a bit like I am midway through a long run, the point where you just have to put yor head down and get on with it, so I am trying, getting to work a little earlier, pshing myself through overbooked days and machining through my theatre work. Can’t say it’s fun, bt I’m getting throgh it, which is whaty counts.

I’m also trying hard to sweat the smaller stuff less. Even if Tenacious room isn’t sorted out by the time he (generic he) arrives, it’ll be ok, I might not have everything I need, but I have way more already than some have, and my babe will be blessed with plenty of love and care, and that’s enough. I can’t decide what to do about the pram, so for now, I will do nothing. And although I’m sweating, its got everything to do with the incessant heat, and not these matters.

Anyway, off to the local state hospital for my¬†monthly session there, don’t forget to look at the wednesday poll, looking forward to seeing what you all have to say!

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  Countess Kaz wrote @

I totally get the whole concern about the pram. 6 years we bought a Mama Love three wheeled pram. front wheel swivelled for easy access on farm roads etc. We paid R999-oo for it 6 years ago. That pram is still going strong! We’ve used it for both kids, the second is Cerebral palsy, so we used it for longer than normal. The cheap mama love has kicked our deluxe, expensive Maclaren stroller’s fat Ass! A friend bought a jeep pram, fell over all the time etc. don’t write off the cheaper models. Test them too. Our ML pram has walked km’s and km’s up the beaches of Port Alfred and Kleinemonde. We just used to wash it well afterwards. Use this info or lose..just wanted to say.

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