Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 208

…and it’s friday – TGIF! its been a long week, by the end of today I will have seen 125 patients in my rooms, considering I am not in the rooms on wednesday morning or thursday afternoon, that amounts to 125 patients in 16 hours, which works out to an average of 7.7 minutes per patient. That is insane! It probably actually amouts to more time, because I have run over into lunch and after official close of day, but still. My poor bod is starting to take some strain, my ankles are very puffy at the end of the day… Oh well, 72 days to Tenacious’ expected arrival, and 41 days left of work for me. Die einde is in sig.

Yesterday I composed a whole post in my brain, it was a rant about something, but, clearly, today I am in a better place, because I don’t remember what it was about anymore, maybe it’ll come back to me at some point, and I’ll post about whatever it was then. The long and short of this tale, is that you’re going to get a fairly arb post today. I am very g;ad its the weekend, I haven’t booked my weekend treat, but hope to sqeeze in for a facial/pedi sometime this weekend, tomorrow we’re off to friends for dinner, and Charlie and I hope to spend some quality time together. I am still working on my embroidery, and hope to do some of that this weekend, and I might wash some of T’s linen. In other words, I intend to do very little! Which is a good thing, because next weekend, my favourite FS (who got me pregnant) is coming to town to do some surgery with me, so I will have a very long saturday next week. What are your plans this weekend?

Anyway, before my nurse growls at me, and tells me I’m already running late, I’d better look sharp! Have good fridays and fab weekends!

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