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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 207

…ah, thanks for putting a smile on my face, you guys are great! Yesterday’s poll was definitely the best supported, even if some of us voted repeatedly for our favourite name (ahem, Charlie). I guess it is the normal fragility that comes at this time, knowing that this kicking machine in me is almost ready to grace us with his presence, and my general unpreparedness that has made me insecure and anxious. Anyway, I’m sure there will be a few more posts about these fears and insecurities to follow.

Now Litchi was the only one who responded to my question about the breast pump (thank you!), any other answers out there for me? To run the paragraph again:

So today I need to figure out bottles and breast pumps. We’re going to use the avent bottles, and assume that one then uses the same pump? Now I have also been told to get an electric pump, no manual stuff, the avent range have an electronic pump, is this the right thing to buy? It’s all a bit overwhelming! Oy!

Remember any and all suggestions are taken under consideration, and what you say here will influence what I expose Tenacious to. (and I know that that is poor sentence construction). Have fab thursdays!



  Leigh wrote @

I agree with everything Litchi says (very clever mom!)
Definitely medela ELECTRIC pump (who needs more labouring!), avent milk containers & vital (for your own sanity!!) to introduce that bottle ASAP.
Also very important to have loads of champayne (to help with breastfeeding, of course), rescue drops & tissues on hand for those first few weeks where you’re guaranteed to have many meltdowns!

  charliesbird wrote @

and she’s another Natalian too!

  shell wrote @

I bought the medela mini electric, and found it brilliant as it fits the NUK narrow neck bottles perfectly. but now that nuk is more into their wider bottles, it makes no difference, I have to decant anyway! 🙂 not famliar with avent bottles or pumps, but know lots of ladies who are and who love them. I’m into nuk, and LOVE my breastpump! 🙂
hope u doing well! thinking of u! ❤

  L wrote @

I also used the medela electric pump, but things have changed so much so I am not sure if that is still the best one…….. not sure if Shell and Leigh have used theirs recently……

  shell wrote @

using mine again with my newborn and still really chuffed with it! 🙂 its still working beautifully, havent had to replace any parts or anything.

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