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Day 173

…and its drizzling, nice for now and for the gardens, but hello humidity later! Le’ts hope the weekend is reasonable. Aside from my call we haven’t made any plans, so I hope to get some rest, do some lounging next to the pool (patients allowing) and maybe some sewing. 

So, you lot really are a lazy bunch, 60+ of you looked at my blog yesterday, but only 8 people voted in the poll. Now I know that some of you don’t have kids, so you’re definitely excused, but the rest of you! (and none of this ‘I can’t remember anymore’ excuses!) Hmm.. this does appear to be a recurring theme on fridays, I berate you lot, and everyone ignores me… Anyway, I think we’ll be looking quite seriously at the stokke range of prams, systems etc… So Em’s mommy, hurry with your shop! (its ok though, between the tax man wanting his share (oy vey!) and the turbocharger (ai!) going on my car, April will suit me just fine to be making my major purchases.) 

And my countdown has begun, 14 more sleeps until we’re off on holiday! Yay! 10 days in Underberg, I see some relaxing at the pool, some midlands meandering, some light shopping and some paragliding (for Charlie, that is). Bliss….

Day 172

…and I am grateful for a cooler day today… Last night, Charlie and I slothed around the house, feeling hot and frustrated, until we jmped into the pool at about 19h30, which was rather cool and invigorating, then I shivered deliciously while prepping supper in my wet cossy, dripping cool, salty pool water all over the kitchen. I made an old favourite supper of ours, a decadent pasta, with bacon, chourizo, sundried tomato pesto and cheese, we settled on the floor in the lounge and ate from the same bowl, sometimes fighting over pieces of bacon, and just revelling in the summer evening that was. This is what summer should be… with a hint of chilli on the lips, having a smooch with my Charlie! And then a kick or 75 from Tenacious to remind us he’s there!

Day 171

…and I am one frustrated birdie today! I have had a little run in with hospital managemnet and am just thoroughly annoyed! I won’t go into details, becase it’s actually a very petty thing, but really… Even Tenacious has behaved, knowing how annoyed I was this morning, there was limited bladder bouncing, good baby! This morning I welcomed 3 babes into the world, Bailey, Riley and a nameless wonder. All so cute and heaklthy, great to see!

And now, today’s poll

I know some of this overlaps with the travel systems/car seats poll, but humour me. Also, tell me about your prerequisites in a pram, like inflatable tyres we’ve been told are the way forward, being able to fold up with one hand etc…I am quite impressed with the whole stokke range that Em’s mommy pointed out to me, but it is new and I haven’t put it in the poll, it looks seriously cool. Anyway, vote away my peeps! (even the lurkers, delurk and vote, you don’t have to sign up or anything, just click vote!)

Day 170

…okay, so I am now growing quickly, it seems like every day there is less space in my tummy. The heat isn’t helping, but I’m not sure it would be very different even if it was cool. Tenacious is still practising kung fu on my bladder, and the heart burn (or as many patients describe it hut bern) is starting… 15 weeks to go…

Enough of moaning, here are the pictures from saturday night, thanks MJ, you are genius!

Puss-in-boots’ money bag

Cinderella’s late night coach

The Ogre’s boot, Jack’s beans and roasted love apples

The princess’s pea salad

The magic wand

Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house

I’ve had a reqest for the princess’s pea salad, I modified one I found, so here goes

Ingredients        2 discs feta,

                                1 avocado, diced

                                500gm frozen peas

                                Handful of mint, torn

                                1 tablespoon poppy seeds

                                Zest of 1 lemon

Dressing              juice of 1 orange

                                1 teaspoon white wine vinegar

                                2 tablespoons olive oil

                                ½ clove grated garlic

                                Salt and pepper to season

Combine the dressing ingredients, shake/mix well.

Place peas in a bowl, pour boiling water over them to cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes (I did this twice), drain, add to bowl with the rest of the ingredients, toss. Pour over dressing and toss again.

Day 169

…and what a busy, but cool weekend we had!

Friday, work got the better of me, and I lost my cool, shouted at Charlie (sorry Love), and after my facial, I headed back to the hospital and caught another baby! By this stage I had calmed down, and was in a better mood, albeit tired) Then after a quick take away supper, we headed to the theatre and caught a comedy show, Dekaf, by Sivuyile Ngesi – it was hysterical, especially all the racial stereotyping that he played upon. If you ever get the chance to catch him, do it! An earlyish night followed, we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday. It dawned the perfect day, the weather was magnificent, and after an early morning trawl through the shops, we headed to a friend’s son’s birthday party, 30-odd little boys running around having a right royal time on the slip-and-slide and in the pool (and some not so little ones, including my husband!), lots of fun! Great to catch up with some friends who were there too, then it was home to work on our dinner!

The menu was this – we served The Prince’s Love potion on arrival Champagne and cassis, with frozen raspberries), followed by the amuse bouche of Puss-in-boots’ money bags (Phyllo pastry filled little ‘pouches’ filled with goats cheese, cinnamon and pine nuts), followed by Cinderella’s late night coach remains as starter (pumpkin fritters). Main course was The Ogre’s boots (Beef Wellington(boots)), Jack’s beans (just green beans) the Princess’s peas (salad of peas, mint avo, feta with a citrus dressing and poppy seeds – yum!) and roasted love apples (Roasted tomatoes on the vine). Pudding followed which was a trio – Chacolate Mouse (and no I didn’t spell it wrong – Chocolate mousse, turned into a clock with a small mouse to run up it – hickory dickery dock!), Snow White’s tarts (apple tarts) and Fairy Cakes (Lavender cupcakes) Later there was coffee, served with magic buscuit wands. My guests took home a gingerbread house, filled with sweets (ala Hansel and Gretel) to have the taste of love and magic linger… The evening was such fun, with lots of laughter and stories made to be told again and again. I love nights like that, I know we’ll all talk about it for ages afterwards. After the guests had left, Charlie and I had a skinny dip – it had been a scorching day and evening – and when you are hot and tired after cleaning up (aren’t we virtuous!), a dive into the cool pool was just what was needed to ensure a good sleep! Photo’s will follow, once I get my hands on them. (Thanks MJ – hope the head is better today!)

Sunday was another beautiful day and we had a quiet day (I was exhausted and my feet were so sore!) and after just lazing about all day, we had my parents over for a late afternoon braai. My dad is having cateract surgery today, and was (I suspect) a little anxious, so it was good to just spend an evening with them. An early night for us to recharge in preparation for another crazy week ahead. And now, the week is here… Hang on tight, we’re in for a ride!

And happy Valentine’s day! Charlie and I spoilt ourselves and bought a bio-burner – I’ll try to post a piccie later, its like a huge hurricane lamp that one burns oil in – looks amazing! I also got a charm for my bracelet – a starfish – too sweet, and he got a mug with a very cheeky saying on it! Happy to be so in love, and so loved…

Day 166

..and what a busy day it was yesterday, from the office (where chaos reigned) to theatre, to have (another) XRay of my elbow, to the orthopaedic surgeon, baqck to hospital for a caesar, home to spruce up, off to a talk, home, back to the hospital for another delivery and a new arrival, then home to continue work on treats for tomorrow.  Today doesn’t look much better…

And I see that only 4 of the moms who read my blog used car seats, nice to know you’re a safety conscious bunch! Come on people, the poll is still open! Vote! Otherwise I’ll just keep Tenacious on my lap or something silly, you know! (for the baby nazi’s out there, I promise I won’t, I’m just saying this to try to get the peeps guilted into voting) Butch Tenacious has been kicking up a storm, and has discovered the one spot he likes to kick, and its always the same spot, well, it has been for the last 3 days now – come on kiddo, give your mama a break!

Tonight, after a facial (which I hope I make) I have more prep work for tomorrow to get through, and the grocery shopping, and then Charlie and I are off to a comedy show, with Siv Ngesi (I think is his name), and we are quite looking forward to that, and I am especially looking forward to just spending some special time with my Charlie. When the going gets a bit tough for me, I tend to retreat, and I end up missing him terribly. Yay for weekends not on call!

Day 165

… and its raining, hooray! Some relief for the parched land. Although I suspect it means we’ll be in for a steamy humid weekend, ah well.

So yesterday was a hectic day, After I had finished in theatre, I had to rn some chores in preparation for our dinner on saturday night, and then Charlie and I went to pick p some tiles we had ordered for a mosaic a friend is going to do for us, it’s going to be a huge one, so there were lots of tiles, a small fortune of them, but I know she’s excited to get going, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition! Deb positively glittered with eager anticipation last night when we handed the sacred box over! And then it was back to the office yesterday afternoon, for 18 patients in 9 appointments! My goodness me! I have a flurry of patients (or should that be a gaggle, based on the noise in our waiting room?) who are now overdue, so I am sitting on tenterhooks, waiting for them to start labouring! Come on babies, you can do it! And then last night, it was time to get started on some of our treats for saturday, I ain’t going to give anything away in the blog, so you will all just have to keep reading, and I’ll spill the beans on monday! Needless to say, after a bad night on tuesday, I was exhausted when I finished up last night, but it’s all going to be worth it!

Keep voting in the poll, sorry that it went up a little late in the day yesterday! We’ll discuss more about it tomorrow.