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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 177

…and its all quiet on the home front. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Yesterday was a solid day of work (no other way to describe it, really), but I got through it, and then it was a lazy evening on the couch. Thank heavens.

I got a little bit of retail therapy in yesterday, and did some internet shopping, some linen for Tenacious’s cot, some clothes for me and I am waiting on a present for Charlie, the truckers strike has really slowed things down. I must say though, given where I live, I am grateful for the option of online shopping, although it can be a little daunting, especially when you have no idea quite what you will be getting. So far thogh, so good, I have yet to have something arrive that I hate, so thus far, all is good, I just hope the maternity clothes will be cool, I’m sure they will be. I’m still contemplating a quick trip to the big smoke though to finalise things for little T, but I think I am running out of time… Maybe KZN will offer what I am looking for. For the friends there – any suggestions? Bear in mind, I’ll be in the midlands, and probably won’t make it all the way to DBN.


  MJ wrote @

Sounds like you are getting some time out! Hope it lasts. x

  Litchi wrote @

Massive mall in PMB next to the freeway. Never been there but I’m sure that they have plenty of shops.

  Litchi wrote @

The midlands itself is great for weird/wonderful/expensive things.

  Em’s mommy wrote @

what range of maternity clothes and bed linen di you get?

ps… leave some stuff for your friends to spoiil you and baby t :))

  charliesbird wrote @

Hehe…. I got Bellyssimo clothes and Granny goose bed linen, its a basket with duvet and some sheets and duvet covers, just plain stuff.

  Leigh wrote @

Very sadly, there’s not much here in PMB! The Mall only has small chain stores which you guys have at home. The Midlands Meander, however, has some stunning little shops for baby clothes, toys, linen etc but not peggie clothes. Being the foodie you are, there are some lovely places to eat…my favourite being La Lampara.

  Em’s mommy wrote @

ballisimo is awesome! going to google granny goose now, maybe i can get for shop šŸ™‚

  Em’s mommy wrote @

cant find the cot linen on the granny goose site

  charliesbird wrote @

ja, they seem to have taken it off, I always get their catalogues, so knew they had it, contacted them directly and they made a plan.

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