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Round the world in 4 nights…

Yip, there was some food travelling this weekend. And some good taste experiences.

Friday night, after having a great giggle at Mike Naicker (Gotta love a comedian who makes the comment ‘If your gynae charges medical aid rates, he’s a dodgy fellow’ – patients, take note!) Charlie and I hit the local pizza joint for a bite. It was the first time back at this particular local in about 4 months. Atmosphere – dodgy as always; Pizza – nice, but way too much flour stuck the bottom of the base (yummy – NOT – to get a mouthful of flour with each bite)

By saturday, my sore throat was a bit worse, so forced myself to lounge next to the pool all day – yay! Then it was time for the killer afternoon nap – my best! Then we headed off to the big mall for sushi with Angel. Jonny, the super sushi chef confessed to us that he doesn’t really like sushi (WTF!), so made us a whole lot of non raw sushi type treats, very interesting stuff, I became very adventurous with eel and roe and all sorts of things. Personally, give me some good sashimi anytime.

Sunday, we had Charlie’s family over for breakfast, I did a modern take on the fry up. Puff pastry with all the things laid out on it – bacon, tomatoes, chourizo, asparagus, peppers – baked to puffy goodnes, served with mushrooms on the side and a fried egg; went down a treat with champagne and juice!  I then started on my brioche, 6 and a half hours of prep… fortunately, the work was easy, but there was a lot of proving and rising and punching and proving again going on, so with my cold having taken a further turn for the worse, and I headed for bed, in between kneading. That evening, I baked those suckers – and they were delicious. I also whipped up a batch of lemon curd ice cream, but that’s so easy, it feels like I’m cheating. For dinner, I made a Nigella/Jacqui inspired asian prawn salad – very tasty!

And then yesterday, being a public holiday and all, I decided to spoil my boy (I also felt more human) and started out with cheat’s chocolate croissant – bloody marvellous things! After some gardening, reading, sunning myself next to the pool and scrapbooking, I launched into a roast beef dinner, with all the trimmings – yummy!!! Big spoil, as I seldom feel the urge to go overboard for just the 2 of us, and I did last night.

So, italian, japanese, chinese, french and english food all got a look in this weekend – not a braai in sight. What did you guys all get up to?


  donzil wrote @

busy food weekend babe! I seriously don’t know how you do it. looking fwd to a dip in your pool 🙂

  Jacqui wrote @

Wow, majorly impressed with the brioche, babe! I roasted carrots and parsnips last night in a hat doffing to the cooler weather and they were delicious. Roasted parsnips are almost like sweets, me thinks 🙂 Miss you! xx J

  L wrote @

mmmmm, I think I will just keep my meals to myself if you don’t mind…..

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