Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…so this last little while I have faced some challenges – at work, at home, in some of my relationships. I’m beginning to think that there must be something I do to make my life difficult, but hey, can’t always have a “woe is me” kinda attitude. So this weekend, Thandi had a 4 hour tantrum, over some porridge that she didn’t want to eat… 4 Hours over 5 spoons of porridge! I eventually lost my temper and left the house in a total huff, leaving Thandi and Charlie to sort it all out. By the time I had sobbed my heart out on the boardwalk and returned home, the porridge was eaten, she was dressed and everyone was calmer. I was shattered by the events. I always knew my girl was tenacious, but seriously, 4 HOURS! ARGH!!!

We had sent to her room, to sit on the naughty chair, but I think she eventually didn’t mind the exclusions. Either Charlie or I popped in every 4 minutes to find out if she was ready to apologise and eat her porridge, and she kept saying, no! She then started asking when I walked in if I was coming to apologise to her and tell her I loved her? She told Charlie that she wasn’t ready, after about 2 hours, and that she ‘needed some more time to calm down’. There are no flies on this kid, I tell you! After my little meltdown and my sheepish return to the house, I apologised to Charlie and her, and Charlie just gave me a big hug and said it was ok, I’d just lost my rag, I was human, and that was ok, apology accepted. Thandi peered up at me at that point and asked if I’d found my rag? I could only smile, with the tears streaming down my face.

But seriously, I hope this is only a rare occurrence, because if she becomes more defiant, more frequently, I might never find my rag again! How do you all deal with these moments? I felt like a terrible parent…

Mountain Minions

So this weekend there was a trip to the mountains, and there were minions!141 The view of our Hogs! 114The sweetest minions! (pre hike!) 124 Even Minnie came on the Hike to the Big Tree! 130 Gargoyles of the forest. 122The Nose Choosing Tree – can’t you just imagine the trolls and witches lining up to choose their nose from this tree? 136  The sweetest forest minion of the lot! (In fact, other hikers stopped taking pictures of the big tree, and focussed on the minions instead!)

photo moments

Some pictures from our stop at the Storms River Mouth on Monday afternoon. It was such a special time, filled my soul with smiles! You see Charlie and I stopped here on honeymoon nearly 6 years ago, and I remember how special it was then… Nice to share a memory with Tpants!012 The beautiful oyster catchers – seeing more and more of them on the coastline – nice!  015 041 047 087 088 089 092 094 She had so much fun, running in the waves, and she and I got caught in a rogue one that got or pants wet!  117 cheeky dassies!

Home again

Jiggety jig; home again, home again, jiggety jog!

After a great weekend away with TAFKAD, DrHF, CB, Charlie and Thandi, we are home, following a brief stop in at the neighbours for a little laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for me. Needless to say, I am glad to be home, and am nursing a rather tender tummy.

We arrived in Knysna, checked into our accommodation and DrHF and I went off to register for the half marathon. My nerves were shot by this stage, but I did keep trying to remind myself that I was the best prepared that I had ever been. Funnily enough, my brain knew that, but just didn’t want to believe it! Anyway, after a hearty lamb shank and cauli mash meal, it was off to bed for an early night. I struggled through the night, a bit of tossing and turning, but I made it to 05h00, and then DrHF and I were off to the taxi pick up zone. From there we were ferried to the start, deep in the forest, and then we waited for about an hour and a half before the 08h00 start to the half. My run went according to plan, I paced well, had my energy chew at the right time, and pushed for the last 8kms. I was really chuffed with my finishing time. In a mere 4 months I have come a long way from a 2:55 to a 2:10. Thanks to Coach Mo (soul running, if you want to look him up)

Saturday continued with a gorgeous lunch at Zinzi’s, set in the gorgeous Hunter’s estate, looking out onto the garden; I appreciated the falling rain, very glad it hadn’t happened a few hours earlier when I was still on the road. We enjoyed some delicious bubbly, tasty red wine and a glorious meal (kingklip main for me) all round! Yum! Then a nap and an early night for us, as the 3 singletons hit the after party! Sunday was a casual day, breakfast at Il de Pain, and a wander around the shops. DrHF and I headed off for a late afternoon massage at the Amani Spa at the Turbine Hotel - highly recommended! then finally there were some oysters, some tapas and the World Cup Final (go Germany!)

Monday after a slow start, we meandered down the coast, as I prepared for my date with the surgeon’s knife. we stopped in at the Storms river Mouth, showing Thandi one of the most incredible places on our coastline. Whales were breaching, the sea was fairly furious, the aloes in bloom, it was a very special afternoon. Photos to follow.


Just a quickie

… To let you know, I did it, I survived it, and I ran my PB! For 2 hours and 10 minutes, I scampered through the gorgeous and cool (occasionally wet) forest of Knysna. I am pleased, relieved and still stunned! The reward of 6 months of hard work is very sweet!

1 more sleep

…until we travel to Knysna, 2 more sleeps until the half marathon. The joy of having had a very busy call last night is that I am so tired I am not really thinking too much about the run. Which is a good thing I think, because I have been quite worked up and stressed about it of late.

The last couple of days have been hectic at work, and my poor little family has suffered. Thandi came into the bathroom when I was showering this morning (thanks to the darker mornings, she’s sleeping later) and asked if I was going to the office today, in a very plaintive little voice. I felt so bad when Charles said to her that yes I was, but that I’d be back later… I’m missing her! And I’m missing out on so much fun with her. It was hard to kiss her goodbye and climb into the car and drive away from home this morning. We will just have to make the most of the next week with her, while I am recovering at home.

Anyway, have a good couple of days, I will update with my run report after Saturday, keep your fingers crossed for me!


3 more sleeps

..until I get to Knysna. 4 more sleeps until the half marathon. Yes, I can; yes, I can; yes, I can. Please God, I can!

Anyway, so I have been planning our weekend. I think I am going to be doing a little cooking before we go – so we don’t have to worry once we are there; a lunch is booked for Saturday; there is talk of a massage at Pezula or somewhere, and that is as far as I have gotten. And once we have relaxed through Sunday, it is time to prepare for part 2 of my week away from the office.

Some of my friends IRL know this already, but I haven’t said much yet here. About 2 months go my Fertility doctor was in town. We had a chat and a check up, and he (as I already knew he would) has decided I need further surgery. There has been a cystic mass on my right ovary (the same one that had the haematoma last year) which he suspects could be a recurrence of my endometriosis or adhesions; and my uterus has enlarged, so he wants to check things out, clean up my insides, so I can at least function with less pain on a daily basis and improve my quality of life. I’ve slowly been watching these thing in my tummy and knew, without any doubt, that I would need surgery. I kept hoping things would improve, but they haven’t. So instead of a week’s holiday and nice road trip through the Baviaanskloof, a trip to the neighbouring city and a general anaesthetic are on the cards for me! I guess after this we will also have the very realistic chat about any further attempts at IVF, which I know is an ever diminishing opportunity as I age. This is going to happen next week Tuesday, so wish me luck.



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