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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mourning Ethan

…today Em’s Mom and her family bid Ethan farewell on his journey to the stars. They are having a private ceremony for him at 11h00 today, could I ask you to spare a thought for them as they go through this incredibly difficult time. A group of us will be doing a balloon release at the local beach this evening, sending our thoughts and prayers with them to those stars.


“Goodnight Sweet Prince, and flights of angels sing you to your rest”


Desperately seeking

..a holiday! Yoh! After the last few weeks I am finished! Even after a lovely quiet weekend, where I did little more than run, eat and read, I am exhausted still. These last 3 weeks at work, the intense training, and now Em’s mom loosing baby Ethan is just culminating into pushing me very close to the edge again. My sleep has gone to hell in a handbag, I cannot wait for the sun to come up so I can stop pretending to sleep. And I am just weary…

But this little girl makes my heart sing!

120in her doctor scrubs.

159baking with mom!

And this place makes my heart sing…

143 145cruising the boardwalk to see the sea!



Life lessons

…today was going to be a happy post – a post about Thandi going to school in her new ‘scrubs’ and the frivolous plans for the weekend. But it’s not.

A dear friend – Em’s mommy – has just learnt that her son, still in utero, at 36+ weeks has passed away. Devastated does not begin to describe it. Heart shattering moments… How does one carry on after this – a long history of infertility, a spontaneous pregnancy, almost there, days away from meeting him… It’s times like this that make me doubt this God of mercy and love everyone talks about… I just wish I could make it better, turn back the clock… It’s too much to take in…

Em’s Mommy, Daddy and Em – I wish I could make it better, I’m so so sorry. I sit here with tears streaming down my face, with love in my heart. I wish distance didn’t separate us, so I could climb into my car and come to you, now in this time of need. I have no words, only love.


..looms on the horizon… the weekend… with no plans but a night trail run and a hairdressers appointment. Alleluhah! So 2 busy days to get through at work, and some operating this afternoon and then the weekend. Yayayayayay!

On another note – it’s “People who Help us” day at school tomorrow for Thandi – I’ve made a costume for the little girl who wants to be a ‘doctor who helps ladies’. Tomorrow I will post a picture of her looking quite medical. Sweet girl! I found the sewing quite therapeutic yesterday evening. I didn’t have a pattern so I just winged it, but it seems to have worked quite well, and I was relieved when we tried it on this morning and it fitted her! I really do love what she is learning at school, her teacher is inspired! And in 2 weeks they are having an outing to the fire station and the NSIR, which should be great fun. Charlie will take her this time – sadly I’ll be slogging!

Quiet times

… on the blog, because it has been too busy, and I really have little to say. All work and little play makes Birdie a dull bird.

In other news, running is going ok, still battling my brain; I have to make Thandi a doctor costume for “people who help us” day at school; work is busy and I am still feeling very tired.

How are you all?


…Thank God That’s Over! Phew, I survived one of the busiest weekends I have ever put myself through. I am now not looking to plan or do a thing for the next couple of days. Between trail runs, birthday parties and picnics, I am done! All partied out. And stiff and sore…

But how cute were our mermaids?IMG_7300 IMG_7301

And at the end of it all, Thandi demonstrates how we felt IMG_7334



…that’s Thank God it’s Friday Again! I can honestly say I am soooo pleased to be seeing the back of these 2 weeks. Admittedly this week has been a bit kinder to me than last, work wise, but I have had so many projects to finish. And thankfully we are almost done – 23 meters of bunting completed, biscuits baked and 90% completed on the icing front, just need to add a few more doodles and decorations today. And then we are in the clear.

So tonight it’s dinner out with friends – I don’t have to cook – Yay! Tomorrow morning I want to do the park run – get some discovery points in and then its tea at 10h30, while Thandi parties at the mermaid party, and then the stork party in the afternoon. And other than that – a picnic on Sunday morning with Thandi’s school, and a braai to celebrate Charlie’s nephew’s 18th birthday. For that I need to bake a cake – red velvet and carrot are the options Tim has chosen – I’m leaning more towards carrot, personally. But then I keep thinking maybe I should try something new? I also know he luuurves a milk tart? I’m not sure – any suggestions for a frivolous Friday?

Anyway, hope you all have good weekends all round – throw away the stress of the week, and just be in the moment, with friends and family!



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