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Celebration recap

…and a good celebration was had last night. I made it home early-ish, so Charlie and I went for a trot to test out his new garmin watch, but he had set some weird and wonderful things on it, so after 2 minutes, it started bleeping telling him he had hit the upper heart rate limit he had set, which drove us crazy, so after another 2 minutes of not being able to figure it out, he turned off the heart rate option, and we enjoyed a pleasant run together. As we got home friends and family popped in for drinks, which was really nice; and then we headed to tapas bar for dinner. I just have to say that it is incredible how our tastes and habits have changed over the last 8 months. Last night we shared 8 tapas, and even that was actually too much, (previously it would have been double that!) I had 1 glass of wine, which was probably also too much, and some coffee, which totally pushed me over the edge! How my body is changing!

Anyway, I am full of yawns today, I am tired, and tired of feeling tired. The weekend cannot come soon enough!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Today is Charlie’s Birthday! Yay! Time to reflect, celebrate and plan ahead.

He is a lucky boy, his amazing and incredible wife bought him a garmin watch/gps/heart rate monitor thingy, may his running continue to improve and be enjoyable! Thandi was super excited, I let her loose in the Crazy Store yesterday, to buy her Daddy a present; with big eyes, and with a whisper, she said ‘A racing car!'; so with some stickers(skeleton Stickers, because he’s a boy!), some balls (for me and dad, hey?), a pen (Spiderman, of course) and some sweeties, we found a bright red toy Ferrari, which I know they will play with this afternoon! Such fun!

I am a lucky wife – to be blessed with a kind, caring and patient husbuddy! I love you forever my babes!

Tonight we will celebrate with a trot together and after some drinks with friends, a great meal out! After the weekend on call, I’m looking forward to some R&R!

Working weekend

..lies ahead. I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but each weekend worked is a weekend closer to retirement! I’m trying to look on the bright side here;-) hehe! And there are some social events to look forward to – a 40th High Tea tomorrow afternoon, and a braai with mates tomorrow evening. Tonight though, we are running the second race in the night series here. I have a new headlight, so we should be good to go, and see where we are running. After the last one being such fun, I am really looking forward to the event. It was well organised and very social! I’m so proud of my Charlie, he will be out there too, hitting the trail with me. He is sticking to his running, and doing well! (despite moaning and groaning about his knees)

So this morning I tackled another run with the running group. I enjoyed getting out there, there really is something quite magical running so early in the morning (05h00), and it was a challenging run. Sadly though, I lost the group at one intersection, and I wasn’t sure if they had turned or not, so I was left with a decision, in the dark and alone. I chose to get back to my car via the quickest route, which apparently was not the route the rest of the gang was on. Anyway. I lost maybe 100m on the run, if that, and got back to the car minutes before the rest of them made it into the parking lot. I feel a little spare and somewhat sheepish about my next run with them. It’s hard when one doesn’t know the routes, and despite assurances that I wouldn’t be left behind, I was. A single girl, on her own in the dark is not a very good idea these days now, is it?

8 hours

…and what to do when they aren’t enough.

Sleep that is. Last night I got about 8 hours sleep, its the first time in a very long time that has happened. And it doesn’t feel like it was enough. Granted, I don’t have that nauseous tired feeling I had most of yesterday, but I could quite easily put my head down and sleep off a few more hours, I think.

I have such a love-hate relationship with sleep. I love to sleep, afternoon naps are one of my absolute best treats. I hate that I have to sleep, when I have so much to do. My day does not have enough hours, and sleep takes away from things I ‘need’ to do. And when I have insomnia, I hate those hours I lie in bed in a fog, wishing the night away, longing for the light.

Anyway, today I continue to yawn..

Weary Wednesday

The late nights and early mornings are taking their toll… A delivery at 03h00 this morning really has me shattered…

I went for my run this morning, and my body kept saying ‘NO!’ I however tried my damnedest to ignore it and pushed on to run 10km, it was, as my one friend says, ‘character building’. Showee, it was hard to push on today, I really wanted to quit. I know I need some rest, but my body needed the exercise. But I guess that is the difference between me now and a year ago. A year ago I would not have even stepped onto the treadmill or met my trainer for a session after a bad night on call; but today I did!

The downer

… there was a downer this weekend, that I didn’t share yesterday, and that was this.

So on  Friday afternoon, after a long week at work, I was getting ready to deliver my old car to her new home. She was beautifully clean – washed, vacuumed and I had just filled up, and we were on our way. AS I sat waiting at a red traffic light, it turned green, the cars in front of me started moving, I lifted my foot to begin to accelerate, when all of a sudden a bash from behind surprised me! I had been rear ended! Sadly, he was driving a big hefty bakkie with a winch embedded in his bull bar, which smashed right through my bumper, breaking it. Fortunately, it does not look like there is any structural damage. So poor baby got injured at the 11th hour, and his car does not even have a scratch!

I felt terrible handing over a damaged vehicle! It didn’t seem to phase the new owner much, he is only too excited to be behind the wheel! So early evening Friday was spent at the police station, reporting the accident. Today has been the insurance run around. Next is the repair work, and the excess I will have to pay. All this admin, for a car that is no longer mine, for damage that was not caused by me! Blech.

IMG_7118I know it doesn’t look like much, but its going to cost a fortune, because they will have to replace the entire bumper!

Weekend games

…what fun we had this weekend! It’s been a while since I had such a busy weekend, but we thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

Friday night we had some of the medical crew over for dinner – we started with a delicious roasted pumpkin, onion marmalade (homemade) and cream cheese phyllo pastry pie; mains was curry dusted hake, served with exotic mushrooms, confit garlic (yum!) and beurre blanc sauce (double yum!), this was followed a Passion fruit Mess (eton style) which was totally decadent. We drank some flipping delicious wine, ending our meal with cheese and Fleur de Cap Noble Late Harvest which was a highlight – seriously delicious! Sorry that I didn’t take pictures to share – I impressed myself; bearing in mind I only started prep at 17h30, with guests arriving at 19h00!

Saturdfay morning both Charlie and I were up for a trail run – I did 15km, he did 5km. It was the annual milk run through one of the dairy farms in one of our little seaside villages. It demonstrated to me though, quite how tough last week’s run was, because despite a beach section, some dune climbing, lots of hills and that damn blister, I managed it in 100 minutes, which was significantly faster than last weeks. I was also the 9th lady home (I suspect the field was really small!) so I got a medal and everything! Being a milk run, we also got a litre of the creamiest most delicious fresh milk – so delicious!

I spend the rest of the day finishing off some biscuits for my cousin’s little boy’s party today, and making Thandi’s costume for the party – it was a Toy story theme, and we just had to go as Jessie! And then it was time to head to a friend and her husband’s combined 40th birthday party! The theme was Casino Royale, and we had to come dressed to kill! Everybody made a great effort, and it really was a festive evening – from the venue, to the food to the dancing (oh, the dancing!) everything worked so well, and we had a blast! This morning, my ‘dancing muscle’ was very tender…

However, a myprodol, and a ‘hot chick’ breakfast (fried egg and peri peri chicken livers) at a local farm stall we were back in tip top form. Then we headed off to Cousin Jared’s party, and the girl had the time of her life! She partied up about as big a storm as we had the night before! And didn’t she look supercute?


The rest of the day was spent in recovery – boerie rolls at friends for lunch (thank you for feeding me!!!) and then a killer nap!

And now it’s Monday, I’ve had a good rest, a great run this morning, and I hope I’m ready for this day!





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